Mar. 14, 2022

How to Eat Mindfully When Working from Home

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How to Eat Mindfully When Working from Home

Not too far in the distant past, the concept of working remotely or working from home was a pipedream for most. There are probably way too many instances when employees “brought work home with them” but that was often out of necessity to finish reports or projects, not setting your own schedule in your home office, and drinking your own freshly-brewed coffee. It was certainly something to aspire to but wouldn’t become a reality all that frequently.

Fast forward to a global pandemic stopping business in its tracks. Lockdowns were imposed and strict quarantine guidelines drastically changed the landscape of the traditional workplace.

Employers had to allow their staff to shift from a multi-person office environment to a home workspace for many businesses to survive. And survive they did. The businesses that had the capacity to allow workers to do their jobs at home still saw positive results. People were productive and efficient with their time.

But what changed for remote workers? Certainly less make-up and lower dry-cleaning bills. What about eating habits? How have people with remote jobs changed how they eat? What are some of the best practices that remote workers establish for eating at the home office?

Meal Preparation Is Essential

Don’t fall into bad habits when food is so accessible at any time of the day. Plan your grocery shopping around a variety of meals that are healthy and easy to prepare, especially when bogged down by time-consuming projects or looming deadlines. 

Prepare vegetables in advance of cooking as they can also be used for a quick snack high in nutrients and low in salt or sugar. Snacking can be a positive thing when you need a fast bite of something to sustain you until the next meal. But if you give in to the easy snacks that have zero value, mindless consumption can often take over.

When you can plan ahead for full meals as well as a selection of snacks food choices in your home office will elevate your healthy eating game rather than harm it.

Other mindful eating practices include reducing your portions and slowing down to eat thoughtfully, thus allowing your brain to catch up with your hunger. Savor each bite and remind yourself that what you eat has a purpose- to satisfy hunger and maintain your good health.

Sometimes, eating healthy doesn't have to mean a complete diet overhaul. There are ways to indulge in all the same foods you love while staying healthy. If you struggle with how to make healthy food taste good, the answer can be as simple as swapping out a few ingredients in your favorite recipes. Healthy baking recipes can still taste delicious if you exchange processed, white flour for some of the healthiest flour for baking, and replace white sugar with honey or raw cane sugar.

Water. Water. Water.

Proper hydration cannot be stressed enough when discussing a healthy diet. It aids in digestion and staves off hunger until you can take a break for lunch or dinner. If constantly drinking plain water becomes too monotonous, add a splash of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for a citrusy tang. Green tea is also an excellent beverage option because it is not only delicious but supplies some antioxidants that are beneficial to our health.

Walk Away from Work

Easier said than done, right? It’s a really good piece of advice to change up your scenery a bit to maintain energy and focus. A quick walk around the block or up and down your stairs a few times can boost your circulation and give you a little pick-me-up to get through your day. This is a great alternative to giving in to an unhealthy snack.

And if the weather cooperates, take some deep breaths of fresh air and feel the sun on your face as an extra energy boost. You’ll keep away the cobwebs if you can take a break from screens and allow nature to rejuvenate you even for a few minutes. 

So we are all now a couple of years into a work environment that looks really different but is also comforting and familiar. Take advantage of working from home to keep unhealthy eating habits at bay and establish a pattern of meals and snacks packed with nutrients and flavor. Working from home has never tasted so good!

Exchanging unhealthy ingredients in your pantry for more nutritious ones will make it easier to adhere to healthy baking recipes when you're in the mood for a treat. Gluten-free flour eliminates the need to wrestle with how to make healthy food taste good. It is some of the healthiest flour for baking that holds up just as well as processed brands.


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