All of the good,
none of the bad

We all love a nice slice of bread, or cake, or pizza, or, well you get the idea. Flour is delicious but we always feel a touch guilty after indulging don’t we? Well, guilt no longer because not only are our blends gluten and additive-free, they’re also packed with nutritionally dense superfood goodness. See how we stack up against the others:

the competition.
The Good Flour Co.
All Purpose GF Flour
65g 17g 350g 15g smile smile smile
Robin Hood
Gluten-Free Flour
84g 0g 114g 20g smile smile smile
Bob’s Red Mill
Gluten-Free Flour
78.3g 2.7g 150g 27g smile smile smile
White Wheat Flour 73g 3g 100g 0g smile smile smile
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So what's our secret?

Well, skipping the wheat for starters (that was easy). Then carefully selecting a range of high-quality superfood grains (all gluten-free of course) to give us exactly the results we were after. We keep the fillers and additives out and use the power of whole foods to give us the taste and texture we desire. It almost seems too simple, doesn’t it? Of course, having a pair of crazy talented chefs on hand helps too ;)

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The best product OUT on the market

As a restaurateur, I constantly look for new and improved products for our recipes. Our restaurants have used just about everyThe Good Flour Co. product and have always found them to outperform competitors (even non gluten-free options). In my opinion this is the best product out on the market.”


Chef Angus

The flour really gives incredible results

There are so many gluten-free flours on the market but not ones that are created from simple ingredients and without unwanted binders. The Good Flour Co. flour really gives incredible results.”


Chef Watanabe