Mar. 12, 2022

Journal Your Journey to Health and Fitness

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Journal Your Journey to Health and Fitness

We have evolved into a society that seems to document everything from photos of meals to lists and spreadsheets. We want a record of what we do, who we see, and what we have accomplished.

Think back to the first time you documented something. Did it start with “Dear Diary?”

The little diary book hidden under a mattress away from prying eyes has evolved into a more useful tool to collect our thoughts and feelings, record our activities, and analyze our patterns. Journaling has become a hallmark of mindfulness and introspection.

But how can journaling help us on our individual paths toward a life imbued with good health and a sense of well-being? As with almost anything that has a journey and a story, journaling has tools and processes that, if utilized, can produce lasting benefits regarding our desire to improve our health.

Where to Start

Grab a notebook, a cloth-bound book of blank pages, or anything that you feel comfortable with that will become your documentation of your health and fitness details. Do you need lined pages? Or something that can fit in your pocket? And what about your writing tool? This might seem like an ordinary piece to include, but sometimes there is no greater joy than a really fine pen. Whatever your preferences, assemble the journal environment that works best for you.

What to Include

What are you working on regarding your health and fitness goals? Maybe you haven’t gotten that far yet, so it’s an obvious place to start. Think about what you want to achieve and record. These important starting points can include:

Weight management - keep a chronological list of how much you weigh and track your progress for either losing or gaining some pounds.   

Dietary items - Make a list of healthy foods you want to incorporate into your daily meals, especially things that are new or you’ve never tried. Include your critique of the color and flavor of additional fruits and vegetables or the taste and texture of using gluten-free flour in your baked goods. Considering improving your repertoire by adding new foods or seasonings to your meal planning and writing down what will remain as a staple and what will be omitted.

One example of a healthy dietary change is substituting ingredients like flour in your recipes. Healthy baking recipes that taste great aren't difficult to achieve when you use some of the healthiest flour for baking. Although you may think this will take the enjoyment out of your favorite baked goods, baking with gluten-free flour from Good Flour Co. retains the flavor and texture you would get with regular flour.

This is just one of many simple ways to make dietary changes that are subtle and easy to stick to.

Physical Activity - Maintaining a journal of your fitness routines is a great way to assess your progress and note where you need to make adjustments. This documentation can reflect the hard numbers of the miles you run or something more internal like the clarity you gain after some intensive exercise.

Personal Feelings - What is a journal if not a record of what we think and feel. Writing down your philosophy and history about food, exercise, and overall physical health is an exceptional way to determine any negative patterns and try to make improvements. Journaling can be a critical tool in relieving stress, as well as allowing us the opportunity to regulate our emotions in a productive manner.

Creativity - You might use your journal for lists, recording numbers, or sharing personal feelings about your journey toward a life improved by integrating healthier habits into your daily routines. No matter what content goes down on the paper, this is a creative outlet that is one more healthy manifestation of your lifestyle process.   

Think of your journal as your own healthy and creative adventure. Set aside time each day to contemplate where you are and then write it down. Make your entries short or lengthy and don’t worry about adhering to any structure. Journaling is an extension of what feels right for you. And if your journal’s purpose is to document and understand your path as a person who wants to improve their health, then you have chosen a tool conducive to achieving these goals.

Just don’t forget that great pen.

Are you ready to try an easy dietary change that will further your healthy lifestyle goals? Baking with gluten-free flour is easy, and it’s some of the healthiest flour for baking. Enjoy healthy baking recipes without compromising taste or texture.


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